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NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 1 Assignment

Exploring Your Nursing Theory

Exploring Your Nursing Theory

This week, you will begin the development of the final presentation for this course. Visit the Nursing Theory (Links to an external site.) website and select a theory to explore. This theory will be your topic for the final presentation.

To Complete the Assignment

Describe how the theory you chose can be used to improve nursing practice.

Read an article from a nursing research journal. What does the author identify as the conceptual or theoretical framework that underpins the work? Describe how these help in guiding the research.

Explain how the theory you chose touches on your personal beliefs about nursing. Give examples.

You've read how several theorists conceptualized components of their theory. In your own words, describe your own view of one of the following concepts: person, environment, health.

You have learned that theory reflects the time in which it is written and that it evolves over time. With this in mind, what do you think maybe included or changed in theories of the future that is not part of current nursing theory?


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