Maryville NURS307 2022 MAY Week 2 Assignment Latest

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NURS307 Transition to Professional Nursing

Week 2 Assignment

Nursing Research Clinical

Download the Nursing Research Clinical Guidelines template. It will provide a list of guidelines relevant to nurses dealing with infants, children, adolescents, adults, older adults, end-of-life care, and specific care issues.

To Complete the Assignment

From this list, you will choose one guideline and complete the table.  You can search online to find the guideline you want to use.  You will be asked to identify the following:

What organization developed the guideline?

What is the title of the guideline?

What is the date of the most current version of the guideline?

Who are the "intended users" of the guideline? If nurses are not one of the groups of intended users, you should review a different guideline for the purposes of this assignment.

What is/are the objective(s) of the guideline?

What major outcomes are considered?

Select three major recommendations; provide the name and an example for each.

What evidence supports the recommendations?

What are the potential benefits of implementing the guidelines?

What is the potential harm of implementing the guidelines?

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