Maryville NURS330 2022 MAY Discussions Latest (Full)

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NURS330 Individual Assessment

Week 1 Discussion

Cultural Care

In addition to a patient's primary language, describe two aspects of communication that vary significantly according to culture. Give an example of a patient situation in which the patient's culture affected communication with your patient and/or patient's family or support system.


 NURS330 Individual Assessment

Week 2 Discussion

Mental Screening Tools

Find and post a mental health screening tool website you feel is reputable in the nursing community. What is the mental screening tool evaluating?  Is it easy to use? Would you recommend this screening tool to be used in the clinical setting? Why or why not?


NURS330 Individual Assessment

Week 3 Discussion

Skin Assessment

Describe a physical assessment of the skin. Discuss the normal skin of the aging adult compared to the findings of the normal skin of an adolescent. Include at least four characteristics using inspection and palpation of the skin.


NURS330 Individual Assessment

Week 7 Discussion

Female & Male Genitoruniary System Assessment

You are a public health nurse working in a community, outpatient setting. What three education points can you relay to your teenage clients for the preventions of sexually transmitted diseases (STD's)? List one online, patient resource you may use to educate patients about prevention of STD's.



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