Imagine you are the Director of Self Driving Car initiative at Uber

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1.Imagine you are the Director of Self Driving Car initiative at Uber. There has been a push back about this initiative both internally from the Uber Drivers and externally from general people who think they are unsafe to be on roads. Prepare a strategy that helps Uber grow and keep this initiative while managing all the stakeholders. Make sure you do a thorough analysis of the pros and cons, recommendations plan to move forward, show important stakeholders, create an implementation plan, and finally show the impact of the plan you create.

2.You work in the governor’s of California’s office during this pandemic. Create a detailed plan that will help small businesses and people who would be most affected by Covid19.  Make sure to use the stakeholder analysis, theory of change, and the specific impact this strategy would have on key stakeholders.

3.There are some key issues surrounding Facebook. Their mission was to connect people but the lack of regulation and the rise of algorithms has created distrust for Facebook among people. Imagine you are an outside consultant hired by Facebook to solve their problems of data privacy. Prepare a recommendation plan to be presented to the CEO of the company which clearly communicates: What is the current problem? Who are the stakeholders affected by this? What does their current 4P framework look like? What recommendations do you have? How will it be implemented? What impact will this solution have on Facebook?

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