Humana II Module 7 - On the Human Character

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Humana II

Module 7:  On the Human Character



· Look back at the seven modules you studied throughout this course.

· Identify three important ideas or events that reflect the human character from each module.

· Write a short essay on the human character from the Romans to the Global Age.

· Each module should have one paragraph explaining the three ideas chosen from each module.

· Including an introduction and conclusion, your final submission should be around ten paragraphs divided as follows:

· Introduction – make it interesting

· Roman origins

· Roman Empire and Christianity

· Renaissance, Reformation, and Baroque

· Enlightenment

· Romanticism

· Materialism

· Modernism

· Globalism

· Conclusion – express your thoughts on the human character based on the choices you made that represent humanity from each module.

· Write concise paragraphs and express your ideas as clearly as possible.

· Use the references provided throughout the course. Your final work should include at least three references.

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