English Reflection - When have you had to use evidence

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The following questions will give you a chance to self-evaluate, to think about what you’ve been learning in this course, and to draw your own conclusions about how you can apply persuasion in your life. Your answers may be used to determine how to improve the program for future students. Your answers will not be used for marketing purposes. Please respond in a paragraph of at least 5–7 sentences to fully address all questions. Be sure to use your own words!

Think about how you use problem solving when persuading others:

  • When have you had to use evidence to help persuade a person or group of people?
  • How did you know that evidence was credible and valid?
  • Was your personal credibility affected by the credibility of your evidence? If yes, explain why you think it was affected. If no, explain why you think it wasn’t a factor.
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