Discussion - Conflict Management and Verbal and Nonverbal Communication

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Discussion(Conflict Management and Verbal and Nonverbal Communication |  


The purpose of this discussion board assignment is to assess the influence of communication on our own mindset and how to influences our relationships with others. We always have a choice in how we communicate and respond to others. This TedTalk dives into this notion and reflects on the impact of those choices.


First, take 18-minutes to watch Louise Evan's TedTalk, Own Your Behaviors, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success. I encourage you to read the reflection questions below BEFORE watching the video so you can be thinking about your answers while watching.


Next, in a 200-300 word post, please answer the following reflection questions:

Think about your communication behaviors in the professional environment or college setting.  Explore which chair you typically revert to when you're challenged by others.

Why do you think you revert to this chair? 

Which chair do you think would better help you achieve your goals in a more effective way in the professional environment? 

How will you go about changing to that chair?  Be specific.  


Finally, please respond to 2 classmates' posts in at least 75-words. Be sure that your response adds to the discussion through the use of questions, examples from your own experience that connect with those of your classmate, etc. Be thoughtful and respectful in your responses.


· Reflection questions are fully answered in the 200-300 word post.

· Evidence of insight and thought in the answers to the reflection questions.

· Posts are proofread.

· Two responses to classmates meet the length requirement and add to the depth of the discussion.

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