Painting Guernica By Pablo Picasso And The Subject Of Propaganda

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Painting Guernica By Pablo Picasso And The Subject Of Propaganda.

Watch the video on YouTube entitled NOAM CHOMSKY - The Propaganda Model (6:53)

In four paragraphs, discuss the following items:

Paragraph 1: What is propaganda and how does it work? What should you do when you hear or see propaganda?

Paragraph 2: How can art be used as propaganda? Can you give current and historical examples of art being used as propaganda?

Paragraph 3: In 1937, Nazi German and Fascist Italian airplane pilots were ordered to bomb the quiet village of Guernica. If you were one of these pilots, what would you do? Would you follow your orders knowing that hundreds of innocent civilians would die, or would you disobey and risk your own life? In a situation like this, which is more important--your duty to your country, or your duty to your own conscience?

Paragraph 4: What do you consider to be your social responsibilities to your family, your community, your nation, and the world?

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