Module 3 - Analyzing Fiction and the Elements of Fiction

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Module 3: Analyzing Fiction and the Elements of Fiction


In this module, we explore key literary concepts and skills. Through discussion, we'll deepen our knowledge.

Prepare: As you prepare to write your discussion, take a few moments to review the content covered regarding the following topics:

1. Analyzing fictional texts.

2. Review on how to conduct a close reading.

3. The elements of a fictional reading selection.

4. Writing a thesis for a fictional analysis paper.

5. Citing textual evidence.

Reflect: Take time to reflect on how fictional text, close reading, the elements of fictional reading, writing and citing fictional text have affected how you communicate with others and, perhaps, how you believe others respond to you.

Write: Based on the content in this module, write at least two sentences on each of the 5 concepts or skills listed in  Prepare. In the first sentence, write a summary of what the concept is or means to you. In the second sentence, give a specific example from your own reading and writing of how you experienced or applied the concept.


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