English, Perspectives in American Literature

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English, Perspectives in American Literature

· William Bradford,  Of Plymouth Plantation chapters IX and XI (9 and 11)

· Anne Bradstreet, bio and poetry - choose any 3 poems to read closely

· Rowlandson, bio and  Narrative - choose 2 removes/chapters to read


. How does the background reading help you understand THE PRIMARY TEXTS? Who coined the term "pilgrim" and what is Puritanism?

2. Choose direct quotations from 2 of the 3 PRIMARY texts for today: the work by Bradford, Bradstreet, Rowlandson. 

· J. H. De Crèvecoeur,  Letters from an American Farmer - read both letters 3 and 9

· Thomas Jefferson's  Notes on the State of Virginia (in the "Slavery, Race and the Making of American Literature" section, read entire excerpt


1. What details did you find most interesting?

2. What did the reading make you wonder about, want to know more about, or remind you of? How does the background reading help you understand the the work by deCrevecouer and Jefferson?

Be sure your response is at least 350 words long, and includes one short direct quotation from each primary text for today.



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