Module 4 Assignment 2 - Fictional Analysis Paper

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Module 4: Assignment 2: Fictional Analysis Paper

In this course, students learn how to hone their writing to articulate their arguments better, conduct research and evaluate sources, record their research in an academic paper, and deliver their findings in a presentation format. In the assignments in this course, students will demonstrate what they have learned by selecting a research topic, choosing your sources, developing your argument, writing a research paper, and delivering a final project. 

Assignment 2 – Essay: Fictional Analysis Paper

Following the steps presented in this module and using your Outline from assignment one as a guide, develop your thesis and write your literary analysis essay.

REMEMBER! A literary analysis essay has the basic structure of an academic essay: (Introduction, Body, Conclusion) It should have five paragraphs.

1. Step 1 – Read the text and take notes. Consider language choices and style (similes, metaphors, imagery, etc. Pay attention and determine narrative voice: (Who is telling the story? Is it a formal first-person point of view, second person, third person?). Consider the tone (tragic, sarcastic, gloomy, realistic? And consider the structure: paragraphs, verses, dialog?

2. Step 2 – Thesis statement. At this point, you want to make about the text. The core argument gives your essay direction and prevents it from just collecting random observations about a text. Support your thesis using textual evidence. It means using specific parts of the text that demonstrate your point.

3. Step 3 –  Title and introduction (paragraph 1). The title should indicate what your analysis will focus on. The introduction provides a quick overview of where your argument is going. It should include your thesis statement and a summary of the essay's structure.

4. Step 4 –  Write the body of the essay (paragraphs 2, 3, and 4): This contains all the arguments of your essay. A standard academic essay consists of 5 paragraphs. There are three paragraphs for the body, plus the introduction and the conclusion. Remember to use textual evidence to support your points. A key part of literary analysis is backing up your arguments with relevant evidence from the text. It involves introducing quotes from the text and explaining their significance to your point.

5. Step 5 –  Write the conclusion (paragraph 5): Do not present any new information. At this point, you should only summarize your key points and try to emphasize their significance to the reader.

6. Once your essay has been completed, make sure to  include all citations and references and that they follow the most recent APA guidelines.

Grading Criteria

· Quality of presentation of the substantive issues demonstrates an understanding of the topic and knowledge of the topic

· Writing level: writing is clear concise, and arguments are logical

· Citations: appropriate use of relevant sources


Be sure to review the  academic expectations  for your submission.

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