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This course has two projects. This milestone submission corresponds to  Project One . In this milestone, you will use course resources and personal reflections to craft the foundational components of your personal brand. To do this, you will create the first section of a personal brand implementation plan outline, which you will continue to build from as you continue your work on Project One.


Personal Brand Implementation Plan Outline: Key Components This outline will help provide the foundation for your personal brand to grow, as well as serve as a springboard for developing your personal brand as a communication entrepreneur. Using the provided Implementation Plan Template, describe the following, and use supporting evidence from your personal experience and course learning resources:

· Your interests, values, strengths, and goals

· How you will incorporate codes of conduct and professional ethics into your personal brand

· Your target audience (e.g., its demographics, values, interests, or motivations)

· Visual design considerations to promote your personal brand (e.g., your color palette, typography, or logo concept)

Then, based on your responses above and the module resources, craft a  personal brand statement that reflects you and your brand objectives. Use the provided Implementation Plan Template. As you develop your personal brand statement, address the following:

· Reflect on your interests, values, and strengths.

· State your personal brand mission and brand objectives.

· Identify your target audience.

· State your unique value proposition.

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