Connecting to the Database and First Steps With SQL

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Connecting to the Database and First Steps With SQL

For this assignment, you connect to MariaDB and get hands-on experience with the command line client and some common SQL commands.

Part 1

At the prompt, enter Password as the password to log in as the database server's root user. Run the SQL commands presented in Chapter 3 of Dyer's Learning MySQL and MariaDB. To document your progress, take at least 5 screen shots showing your progress and submit them in a Word document.

Do not worry if you do not understand the SQL statements completely. The important thing is to start getting perspective on what the language is like and the different kinds of common commands.

Part 2

Do exercises 1–5 at the end of Chapter 3 of Dyer's Learning MySQL and MariaDB. Please refer to the assignment resources for material to help you with this portion of the assignment. Save the SQL commands and results to a text file for submission. See the resource document on using the mysql command line client's tee function to record commands and results. Submit this SQL and the results as part of the assignment.


Database System Life Cycle

The Database System Life Cycle, otherwise known as the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC), consists of five important steps:

  1. Investigation.
  2. System Design.
  3. Development.
  4. Execution.
  5. Maintenance.

Using the Capella library or the Internet, research the Database System Life Cycle. Find at least two references to it. Note that the names and wording in the steps of the life cycle may superficially vary between different sources. Focus on understanding the concepts presented, rather than the language.

  • Summarize each step and describe how they work together.
  • Explain how you have used, or can use, the cycle in another context. For example, how can these steps be used when buying a car or planning a trip?
  • Use a table to show parallels between developing a database and performing the task you chose.

Submit your response in the discussion area by Thursday evening. For the table, you may either submit a Word document or paste an HTML table into the discussion. Refer to the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide for posting expectations. Use APA format for all references.

Response Guidelines

  • Were your peers' explanations of the life cycle clear?
  • Were there areas you found difficult to understand?
  • What suggestions do you have for your peers in their explanations?
  • What are your thoughts about their comparisons? Were their comparisons clear?

First Attempts at Working With the Client and MariaDB

Work through at least some of the SQL commands in Chapter 3 of Dyer's Learning MySQL and MariaDB (you will need to run all of them for part 1 of the assignment). Discuss your initial experience with working with MariaDB in the command line environment. Summarize what you have tried and describe your experience. Be sure to use terminology from the study assignment correctly. What issues did you run into and what questions do you have at this point?

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