Validate User Input Using Java Chars and Strings

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Validate User Input Using Java Chars and Strings

In this discussion, you will design and code a Java console application that validates the data entry of a course code (like IT4782) and report back if the course code is valid or not valid. The application uses the Java char and String data types to implement the validation. You can use either the Toolwire environment or your local Java development environment to complete this assignment.

Your program output should look like the sample output provided in the "Validate User Input Using Java Chars and Strings Instructions" course file resource. Full instructions for successfully completing this assignment are included in this resource. Use the submission template, WeekXSolutionSubmissionTemplate.docx.

Your discussion will be scored on the following criteria:

  1. Design a program that meets char and String processing requirements.
  2. Code an application that validates data entry.
  3. Test the application and document testing.
  4. Explain the approach taken to complete data validation and the major decisions made.
  5. Identify relevant fundamental constructs in the submitted program.
  6. Communicates efficiently, effectively, and in an appropriate manner as an IT professional.

Determine if a Character is a Letter, a Digit, or Neither

Review the resources and instructions in the Discussion Prep Study before completing this discussion.

For this discussion, you explored some of the available methods of the Character class to manipulate individual characters.

  • Create a Java program that reads in a single character entered at the console and then prints it out if the character is a letter, a digit, or neither.
  • Provide screenshots of the result of your work. Your screenshots should look like those in the "IsLetterIsDigitElse Result" Resource.
  • Explain, briefly, how you completed this exercise, the algorithm you used (via pseudo code or other description tools), the major issues you faced, and how you solved them.
  • Reflect on your experience and what you learned.
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