CIS 114DE Assessment 4

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Assessment 4: Summarize Data in A Pivot Table and Pivot Chart.

1.) Open BillingSummary3q.xlsx

2.) Save the workbook and name it EL2-C4-A4-BILLINGSUMMARY3Q-ANI2062929

3.) Start a PivotTable in a new worksheet as follows:

A.) Display the range named ThirdQ and then insert a PivotTable in a new worksheet.

B.) Add the Attorney LName field as rows.

c.) Add the Area field as columns.

D.) Sum the Fees Due field.Due field.

4.) Apply the Pivot Style Medium 2 style to the PivotTable (second column first row in the Medium section)

5.) Apply comma formatting with no places after the decimal point to the values. Also change the column widths of B through H to 13 characters and right-align the Martinez, O'Donovan, Sullivan, Williams, and Grand Total labels in column A.

6.) Name the worksheet PivotTable and then do the following:

A.) In cell A1, typeAssociate Billing Summary. Change the font to 14-point Copperplate Gothic Bold. Merge and Center the text across the PivotTable.

B.) In cell A2, typeOctober - December 2015. Change the font to 14-point Copperplate Gothic Bold. Merge and center the text across the PivotTable.

C.) Change the orientation to landscape.

7.) Start a PivotChart from the PivotTable using a 3-D Stacked Column chart and move the chart to its own sheet named PivotChart

8.) Apply Style 7 to the PivotChart (seventh style in the Chart Styles Gallery)

9.) Filter the PivotChart by the attorney named Martinez.

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