TheQuestions Based on the NoSQL technology reviewed

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TheQuestions Based on the NoSQL technology reviewed so far (e.g., HBase, HBase, RDB, Cloudera, MemcacheDB) please answer What and why should your application use for a big data model for infectious disease surveillance? To answer your question, please evaluate the criteria presented in the articles listed below, which can be retrieved from Google. Forexample,ifyouselectadocumentorgraphdatabase,you mustjustifyyouranswerfromaproblemdomainperspective, processing capabilities, and other relevant aspects. • 35+ Use Cases For Choosing Your Next NoSQL Database • Types of NoSQL databases and key criteria for choosing them

Note: Your answer must: (1) follow APA Formatting and Style Guide; (2) contain 500 words, and (3) include references. The same rubric used to assess your research papers will be used forthisexam. Theessay/exammustincludes an introduction, body, and conclusion.

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