COMM4055-63035-Spring 2018 - MOBILE MEDIA DESIGN

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Examination COMM4055-63035-Spring 2018 - MOBILE MEDIA DESIGN

For this examination, you will be writing an essay about the case study described in the question on this exam. You will be evaluating an actual event using what you already know from the reading leading up to this examination. In particular, you will have read article since your last test on the following topics:

  1. Digital Performance
  2. Digital identity
  3. Collective Intelligence

You have previously had readings and videos that discuss the following:

  1. Defining New Media
  2. On-line Engagement
  3. Virtual Communities
  4. Digital Political Economy

The first part of your paper will the details of this situation, and should cover all of these questions:

· Describe the situation in the case study.

· Who would be affected by this decision, both positively and negatively? Who are the relevant stakeholders? Who is affected from the outside the stakeholders?

· What background information concerning this case study exist?

· What do I already know about this general topic?

· What is the underlying problem? What are the symptoms of the problem?

· What is the decision that needs to be made?

· Are there any constraints or limitations?

· Is there an urgency regarding this situation.

The second part of your paper will use what you know from your readings, using cause and effect. For this part of the exam, you want to use the three concepts that you discussed since the last exam, and you will also use one concept from the previous four weeks to make your arguments.

· What concepts from your reading are relevant to this question? Why are they relevant to this argument?

· What are the opposing sides of this case? What is the evidence that could be used to support each side of the argument? Where does the relevant information from your readings support one side of the argument?

· Based on the relevant information in your readings, what information is missing?

· What are the alternatives ways to resolve this issue, based on your understanding of your readings? NOTE: You should have two or three alternatives.

The third part of your paper should come to some

· Which side of the argument does you support lean toward based on the information in your readings?

· What questions do you have that would make affect your final determination on this case? What are your expected answers, and how would they affect your final argument?

Case study

Over the past couple weeks, the shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida and the subsequent political action by the students from that high school have dominated the news cycle. Look at this article, "'They don't play by the old rules': How teens are driving Florida shooting debate" from The Statesman Journal website. It highlights the ways that high school students are using digital media to advocate for social change. For this case study, i want you to look at the these social movements through the lens of your reading and viewing assignments. Remember to apply what you have learned about from the three new assignments (digital performance, digital identity, collective intelligence) and at least one of the previous assignments (principles of new media, digital participation, virtual communities, political economy) to the case study Additional Articles (Click on the title to access the article):

This article was published in Progressive Teen talks about the #MeToo movement and gives some background about how this movement came about. "Is The #MeToo Movement Just a Trend on Social Media or A Vehicle of Change?"

Link to article below

The second article from the New Yorker magazine describes the ground and social media strategies that are being used by the high schoolers in Parkland, Florida and the #NeverAgain movements on social media. "Urgency and Frustration: The Never Again Movement Gathers Momentum."

Link to 2 nd article below


Remember, you are not expected to take a political stand on this issue. You are expected to look at the events and the situation he "lens" of the reading and the viewing assignments you had been assigned for the first seven weeks of class. Though this case study has a political significance, look at those politcal issue through the lens of your readings.

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