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Organizing Data for Effective Analysis Level 2 - Analyzing Manager Performance at Home Station you are a regional manager for Home Station, a national chain of home renovation stores. You are analyzing the weekly sales data for one of the retail stores located in Austin, Texas. The sales data is reported by department and manager. The Austin store manager wants to rotate the department managers in each of the store's departments so each manager becomes more familiar with the entire store's operations. You have been assigned the task of determining the impact of rotating the managers on store sales. You will import the sales data from a database into Excel and then create a PivotTable report to summarize the quarterly sales by department and by manager.
Complete the following: 1. Create a new Excel workbook and save it as Home Station-Austin.xlsx in the Chapter 7 folder. 2. Import the information from the Sales table in the Sales.accdb database in the Chapter 7 folder into a worksheet named Sales.
3. Create a PivotTable report using the data in the Sales worksheet and place the PivotTable report in a new worksheet named Austin. 4. Use the PivotTable report to analyze the sales by department. Change the I:du:11.1,1(1:er format of the sales data to currency and sort the sales so that the department highest sales appears first. Print the worksheet. 5. Rearrange the fields in the PivotTable report to analyze department sales by quarter. sales and in which quarter did it occur, Which department had the highest quarterly (Hint: Use the Date field to summarize the dates by quarter.) rtguar-sTleesnttb'sr each 6. Add the Manager field to the PivotTable report to analyze each gdheepsat terly sales performance by manager.manager had the hi department? In which qtrarter did the manager's highest sales occur? 7. Rearrange the fields in the PivotTable report to analyze each manager'sags quarterly sales Which department resulted in het sales tor each manager? In which quarter did the highest sales occur? you choose to manage each performance by department. 8. Based on the data collected, which manager would department on a long-term basis? Support your recommendations with data ti-om the 9. Save and close the Home Station-Austin.xlss workbook. PivotTable report.
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