Should people make Meditation a habit

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I am trying to find a good argumentative  topic. However, I decided to use Meditation, because I recently started  using it. If it is not a good topic, I can adjust and change it. Writing  has always been my weakness, and I'm willing to learn and always have  room for improvement. I really appreciate any feedback. 


Should people make Meditation a habit?

To find peace in life, we must find what disrupts our equilibrium.  Meditation can be part of our daily lives and help us find life's  meaning. The meaning of life or the purpose of life is to explore all  the possibilities of ourselves, be conscious, and become more aware of  existence. (Sadhguru, 2021)

  1. Where does Meditation start?
  2. What are the benefits of Meditation?
  3. Is Meditation can be a part of our lives? Or a waste of time?
  4. Are there better ways to protect our mental and spiritual health rather than Meditation?
  5. Can Meditation set us up for success?


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