Chapter 5 Social Interaction, Groups, and Social Structure

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ONLINE ACTIVITY 3: Chapter 5 Social Interaction, Groups, and Social Structure

Max Weber discussed the 5 characteristics of the ideal type of bureaucracy.

Think through how Sheridan could be an example of an ideal type if all of the characteristics were met? What is an example for each characteristic? In addition Has Sheridan college become McDonaldized?  Defend your answer using examples.

RUBRIC for Online Activity 3

All responses must be a MINIMUM of THREE full paragraphs. They must include citations from the text and lecture material, and all must include a reflection or applied component to the answer

A - Excellent: above 4.4

Strongly developed response that is a full three paragraphs; clear opinion and defended with examples from the reading(s); there is evidence of personal reflection; excellent organization and logical structure; no significant errors in grammar or punctuation.

B - Good: 3.5-4.4

A good response that is a full three paragraphs; well-argued, but perhaps lacks

examples from the course; opinion not always explained with facts; some evidence of personal reflection; good organization and logical structure; some grammar and spelling problems, but generally minor in nature.

C - Average: 2.6-3.5

An adequate response that is three paragraphs but may be short and/or underdeveloped; an opinion is stated and defended, but with little or no summary material from the reading(s); some problems with logic or organization; frequent grammatical and stylistic problems.

D - Poor: Below 2.5

A short and limited response; unclear thesis with little or no supporting evidence; little evidence of having read the learning material; readings are not employed or employed sparingly; serious problems with grammar and style that impede understanding.

Zero: Entirely off topic or no thesis; no work handed in or work is copied from elsewhere and/or not referenced.



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