Public Office Meeting - Which elected officials

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Public Office Meeting

Watch the board meeting and answer the questions.

 This assignment is designed to provide you with the opportunity to experience the policy making process in person and obtain a deeper understanding of the procedures followed to establish policy at the local level. Attend a local public meeting and summarize responses to the questions below. The written summary should be 2-3 pages in length (not including the cover page). Examples of public office meetings include City council meetings, County Board of Supervisor meetings, and School Board meetings.

  1. Which elected officials were in attendance?
  2. Describe three common themes (preferably around social problems) that the public expressed during the public comments portion of the agenda. What are your thoughts on these issues?
  3. Describe the format of the meeting. What are your thoughts on the format?
  4. What items were voted on by the council/board during the meeting? What were the outcomes for each item?
  5. How was research utilized to inform the discussion? If it was not discussed, how could research be used to inform the discussion?
  6. Were there any controversial items on the agenda (e.g., cannabis businesses, etc.)? If so, how much overall support did the item receive amongst the constituents in attendance and amongst the council/board?
  7. During the board/council member comments portion of the agenda, what social issues or problems were mentioned and by whom?
  8. Reflect on your overall impressions of this experience.


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