Provide suggestions about how they might improve or narrow

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address the following:

  • Provide suggestions about how they might improve or narrow their topics.
  • Provide additional questions they might want to research and additional ideas for sources that would be useful.


For my topic I decided to go with something that means a lot to me. I  am a mother and I love children. I was a nanny for several years and I  helped raise my little brother in my teen years.

Topic: Should Parents Co-Sleep?

When parents first become parents they are told to not co-sleep with  their baby. I did a little of both while I understood why they didn’t  want parents to co-sleep, some nights it is hard not to do so. As you  begin mothering a newborn baby there is a lot of things that come in to  consideration about their sleep. How many times during the night does  your baby wake up? How many times do they eat? Do they sleep comfortably  alone? Can mother actually get sleep with baby not close? Is the only  way baby will sleep is next to you? Does baby like to be swaddled? Does  baby not like to sleep close? Does baby sleep through the night? Some  people believe that co-sleeping is dangerous, some people grew up  sleeping with their parents so they do it as well. While most nights I  tried to have my daughter sleep separate there was some nights I woke up  to feed her and I was to tired to put her back in her bassinet. I would  just have her fall asleep beside me in my arm. Even though I heard all  the horror stories I still had some nights where staying awake was hard  to even feed her, change her, and burp her. I was the only one waking up  with her.

So my questions are:

What are the benefits of co-sleeping?

What are the disadvantages?

Why is it so controversial?

Did your parents co-sleep or do the cry it out method?

What are your opinions on sleeping with a baby?

Should parents be judged harshly if they do co-sleep?

If a parent were to co-sleep, what age should they try and stop?

I hope this peaks everyone’s interests I would love to hear everyone’s opinion!

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