TCHR2003 - Curriculum Studies in Early Childhood Education

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TCHR2003: Curriculum Studies in Early Childhood Education

Assessment Task 1: Critical review

March 2023 

Length: 2000 words

Referencing: APA 7th

Submission: Via the Turnitin link on the Assessment and Submission section on the unit site.

Write a critical response to the following three points to demonstrate a good working knowledge and understanding of early childhood education curriculum, frameworks, and concepts.


1. Define what curriculum is in early childhood education and provide a rationale for your statement using unit content to support your discussion. (250 words).

2. Discuss how educators use children’s play to plan and implement curriculum in early childhood education settings. Justify your response by using theory, NQS, EYLF, references and provide examples to support your discussion. (750 words).

3. Observe the teacher and children's interactions during an early childhood activity in the video provided in the Assessment 1 folder.

a) Discuss the EYLF Practices and Principles and NQS QA the educator is using to promote children’s learning.

b) Identify EYLF Learning Outcomes the children are learning. Describe examples of what you see in the video that demonstrates the EYLF Learning Outcomes.

c) Identify 3 Learning Areas (Australian Curriculum) this activity may be covering and describe an example from the video, for each of your selected Learning Areas. (1000 words).


As an Early Childhood educator, it is important that you have a good working knowledge of

Early Childhood curriculum framework and be able to justify how educators use play to plan and implement curriculum for children in early childhood settings.



NQS QA= National Quality Standard Quality Area

EYLF = Early Years Learning Framework

ACARA = Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and reporting Authority

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