Family - Marriage in the 21st Century

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Instructions You have the choice between 2 different projects. Please read ALL of the instructions carefully and pick 1 Assignment:

Marriage in the 21st Century

This assignment will help you gain a better understanding of the institution of marriage and its significance today. Marriage is something that every society has. As you are learning, marriage has its advantages and also its challenges. The concept of marriage continually changes as our society changes.

Your paper will need to cover what you have learned about marriage in the 21st century. Please clearly cover:

1. How marriage rates have changed and why.

2. The difficulties associated with transitioning into married life.

3. The challenges of marriage in our society today.

4. The privileges/benefits of marriage.

5. How choices have changed when it comes to the type of marriages that couples might enter into.

6. How changes in the ethnic makeup of our society has affected marriages (i.e. interracial, interfaith marriages)

7. Challenges and privileges you have experienced/or anticipate in the future in reference to your marriage. If you are not married you can discuss the marriage of your parents or others close to you. Please do not share any information that you feel is too personal (If you aren't comfortable discussing your own situation you can discuss the marriage of someone you know.).

8. Anything else that you have learned from this assignment and a conclusion.

Your paper should be written in APA format with factual information to support your thoughts and ideas (the lesson material should be your main source and at least 1 other academic source). You need at least a 3-page paper in a Word doc. This does not include your title page or your reference page. Your paper will automatically be submitted to You and your instructor will receive the results. The rubric (below) is what I'll use to grade your paper:

Community Educator

Throughout the term you've learned about the different issues families struggle with on a daily basis. Quite often, people struggle with issues simply because they don't know where to turn for help. Imagine you had the opportunity to be a community educator. If you could go into your community and help families by educating them, what topic would you focus on? What resources would you give them?

For this project you will pick one issue that was covered in the lesson material, (teenage pregnancy, dating, marriage, becoming parents, working parents, single parents, divorce, family violence, aging, retirement, etc.), and develop an informational PowerPoint Presentation about it. Your presentation should cover the following:

Start your presentation with a brief introduction by telling your audience who you are and what you're going to be talking about.

Give the audience some information about the issue (who is affected and how, important facts/statistics about the issue, laws/policy that relate to the issue, etc.)

Find 3 intervention/support programs for that issue in your community. Provide the audience with a brief summary of each program (name of program, services they provide, cost, and how clients access those services).

Wrap up your presentation with any other information you'd like to include and provide a summary for your audience.

On the last slide, provide a summary for your instructor. What did you learn from this assignment? Did anything surprise you? Was it difficult for you to find resources in your community for the issue you picked? Any other information you'd like to share.




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