Discussion 1,2,3 - Explain why firms experience evolutionary

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Discussion 1

1. Explain why firms experience evolutionary cycles in which there is a fight between strategy and structure, punctuated with periods in which strategy and structure are reshaped.  Provide examples of global firms that have experienced this pattern.

2. Choose a CEO of a prominent firm that you believe exemplifies the positive aspects of strategic leadership.

1. What actions has this CEO taken that demonstrate effective strategic leadership?

2. What are the effects of those actions on the firm's performance?

Discussion 2

1. Discuss whether the term "corporate entrepreneurship" is an oxymoron. Can corporations—especially large ones—be innovative? Support your answer with examples.

2. Use the Internet to  find an example of two corporate innovations—One brought about through autonomous strategic behavior and one developed through induced strategic behavior.  Which innovation seems to hold the most promise for commercial success, and why?

Discussion 3

1. Every course you take is an investment in the “Business of You.” Take a moment to reflect on what you’ve learned over the last 10 weeks and answer the following:

1. How will you apply what you have learned in this course in your professional and personal life?

2. What challenges did you have in this course, and how did you grow from them?

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