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1- Let's start this week's discussion with customer relationship management (CRM). Give an example of a company (McDonalds) with which you have a relationship as its customer— frequent flier miles, grocery store points, credit card cash back, or any other type of 'loyalty program'. What elements of the company's CRM keeps you loyal to the company, brand, or product? Pls speak only for yourselves, and always suggest improvements.

2- Many customer services are using AI now (chatrooms, electronic assistants, etc.) to cut costs on live operators and supposedly to improve the customer experience. So called 'omnichannel support' has been a fast-rising customer service trend since the start of the pandemic. Today's customers make inquiries and even purchases using different communication channels, from emails to social media, phone, live chat, in-app messaging, etc. Do you feel that it is the way to go and what problems exist in this direction? Pls illustrate.

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