You work for a small manufacturing company called Textiles

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You work for a small manufacturing company called Textiles Group that produces batting (cotton filling material) for products such as mattresses, blankets, quilts, etc.The company has six different production lines and has three different work shifts. They run the factory 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.Due to some production problems, you are asked to provide different analyses of the weekly data downloaded from the company’s custom ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. You download last week’s production data that provides the production details from Sunday to Saturday.

B. ???? Memorandum

When you have finished your data analysis, compose a memorandum to all Plant Managers that summarizes the details of your different findings/analyses. Include the PivotTables as embedded objects in your memo to provide visuals of each of your analyses.Note: If memo goes onto two pages or more, please include an appropriate continuation page header.Be sure to include all the criteria provided in the marking sheet/checklist below and upload your files where indicated in the project submission area.

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