CUNY ENG112 Discussion - Putting Together a Paragraph Latest 2021 January

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ENG112 English Composition II: Writing and Rhetoric

Discussion - Putting Together a Paragraph

In your Google Doc, write ONE main body paragraph utilizing one of the reasons you developed as the topic sentence, bringing in one your evidences that prove your reason, then explaining your evidence in your own words. Again post your Google Doc link here after you are done.

Here is a sample:

Although low income and long-term residents of gentrifying neighborhoods and cities have access to more job opportunities and services, they don’t necessarily become financially stable; by not being able to thrive in a gentrifying environment, they are left with deprived quality of life. When a community undergo economic and social revolution and new services that either weren’t there or were poorly provided are made available, it’s natural to conclude that quality of life for the residents of that community have gone up. Physically improved properties and public spaces, new businesses, and increased public safety are all indicators of local investment. As a result, communities expand and grow; convenience takes place and local residents experience the benefits of satisfying their necessities and running errands within easy reach. As services are made available, jobs are also made accessible. Higher job demand and geographic comfort makes it easier for local residents to find and keep employment. However, gentrification doesn’t always mean affordable; more job alternatives doesn’t guarantee higher compensation. Therefore, financial stability and living conditions for the financially vulnerable can detriment. In his article, author Michael Greenberg puts it this way, “The hard fact is that behind the wildfire of new construction, new restaurants, retail outlets, bars, music halls, cafés, tech and media start-ups, and nearly full employment, real poverty in New York is on the rise” (11). Alongside all the benefits, gentrification also increases living expenses. Residents may enjoy significant cutbacks from their commuting burden as getting to work and places in general becomes easier; they may have diversity and better options at hand, but prices can go up so high it can surpass their capacities. Consequently, left with fewer options and bounded to manage with what they can afford and receive, vulnerable residents experience physical displacement.


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