CUNY ENG112 Discussion - Mini Argument Latest 2021 January

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ENG112 English Composition II: Writing and Rhetoric

Discussion - Mini Argument

 Now that you learned what a claim, reasons, and evidences are, post an argument example identifying what the claim, reasons, and evidences are. Examples can be from everyday life (for example an advertisement you have seen or a conversation you just had) or something you just made up. Hit reply to post.

Here is a sample:

This is an advertisement I saw in my neighborhood.

Claim: I can be a great boyfriend.

Reason #1: I am creative.

Evidence #1: I am a professional artist.

Reason #2: I am tired of the singles scene and different from other singles.

Evidence #2: I'm posting this ad with my photo in streets.

Reason #3: I am serious.

Evidence #3: I typed "This is not a joke" several times on the ad and mentioned about a relationship morphing into something more profound.

Is this a strong argument? Probably not mostly because of the weak reasons. Regardless of the strength of argument, try to find or develop arguments from everyday life.


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