Exorcism : Real or superstition & Electric Aviation : Future of aviation

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Two different work 


1. Exorcism : Real or superstition (Use scholarly article and movies based on true events like "Exorcism of Emily Rose"

2. Electric Aviation : Future of aviation (use scholarly articles and include details about company like Eviation (eviation.com ).


Writing Assignment #2:

Academic Research Essay Proposal

Length & Format: At least 600 words (not including Works Cited) in MLA format, 12-point font, double-spaced. You do not need to answer in an essay format.  Rather, be specific.  Include the outline and the answers to the research questions.

Description:  Your proposal introduces your research topic, thesis, and other preliminary ideas.  This is the topic in which you will write your annotated bibliography and final argumentative research paper, so it’s a good idea to find a topic in which you are interested. You must choose a arguable topic and select a stance. Scholarly research must support the topic.  Since this assignment builds up to your academic research essay, please read the Academic Research Essay assignment description.  The choice is yours! 

Writing Strategy: Conduct preliminary academic research first.  Since this assignment organizes and explains initial ideas for your research essay, you will need to develop an outline for the ideas you wish to express in your essay.  Your ideas might change later, but you still need to carefully work out some of the main points you wish to consider.  You will also need to answer a series of questions.  Answering these questions helps determine what you know and what you need to know.  These answers may help guide you in a more informed or accurate research strategy that you will need in the writing assignments that follow.

Specifics:  The proposal should consist two parts: the outline and the research answers:

Part One: Outline

1. A tentative thesis statement

2. At least three reasons to support the thesis statement

3. An opposing view

Part Two: Research Answers

1. What are additional questions that most interest you and might help you develop your claim?

2. What might be some additional ideas that back up/support your claim?

3. What prior beliefs, assumptions, preconceptions, ideas, or prejudices might be brought to this project?

4. What personal experiences may have shaped the way you feel?  

5. Include works cited in MLA format for all of your research answers 

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