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ENGL148N Advanced English Composition

Week 8 Assignment

Argument Research Essay Final Draft


Using your draft from Week 6 along with the peer and instructor feedback provided, you will compose your Argument Research Essay Final Draft this week. Review the following resources, instructions, requirements, and rubric to help support your writing. 

Required Resources

Please have the following resources available while you write your draft:

All previous Explore lessons

Your completed draft with feedback

Argument Research Essay Overview Links to an external site.

Sample Argument Research Essay Links to an external site.

Argument Essay Revision ChecklistLinks to an external site.


This assignment is a final, polished draft of your Argument Research Essay. This draft will demonstrate the argument and writing techniques studied in the course and will build upon the steps you have taken in all the previous weeks toward developing your Argument Research Essay. This draft is expected to meet all of the Argument Research Essay requirements for writing, content, length, and sources.

Writing Requirements for the Argument Research Essay Final Draft due in Week 8:

Correct use of APA guidelines for the following:

Headers with pagination

Title Page

Margins, spacing, and paragraph indentation

APA in-text citation and referencing for all sources

Do?not?divide your essay into sections.

Do?not?use headings within your paper to indicate changes in topic. While longer APA essays and particular types of APA writing, such as scholarly articles, employ APA-style bolded headings to divide portions of the writing, you are writing a shorter academic essay. Your shift from one paragraph to the next should be signaled through your use of the effective transition and topic sentence rules we have practiced.

4–5 full pages for the essay itself, not including title page or references

Effective structure, including your introduction paragraph, your body paragraphs, and your conclusion paragraph

Use of third-person throughout. Focus on the topic, not on you nor on the essay. In other words: no first-person “I,” and no referring to the essay, such as “In this essay.”

At least 4 scholarly sources visibly used, cited, and referenced

Refer to the full Argument Research Essay Rubric

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