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ENGL148N Advanced English Composition

Week 3 Discussion

Prewriting & Planning for the Argument Research Essay

Initial Post Instructions

Part 1: By Tuesday Night, Share Your Writing as Your Initial Post

In writing workshops, you will be asked to share, as your first post, a specific piece of writing you are working on at the time, along with some comments or adjustments, depending on the assignment. This week, the piece of writing is your Week 2 Argument Research Essay Proposal.

lease post your writing from Week 2 Argument Research Essay Proposal.

Make an initial post with your proposal attached. In your initial post, please ask at least one question for your reviewer to answer. For example, are you unsure about the strength of your stance in your proposal? Or you might ask your peer for ideas for details to expand on your topic.

Keep in mind that during Week 4, you will submit the introduction, one body and conclusion paragraph draft of your Argument Research Essay to your instructor for grading and feedback.

*Copying from your classmates’ posts or replies in any way, on any item will be considered plagiarism and will be handled as such. Your instructor may, at any time, check anything you post in workshops for plagiarism by submitting it to Turnitin. 

Peer Review Post Instructions

Part 2: By Saturday Night, Complete One Full Peer Review for a Classmate

Choose one classmate who has made their initial post and who does not already have a peer review. Read their question for you in the post, then open their attachment of their Week 2 Argument Research Essay Proposal.

Download and complete the Peer Review Worksheet. Complete all tasks with substance (more than just “yes” or “no”).

Reply to your classmate’s initial post and attach the Peer Review Worksheet you completed over their writing. 

Your peer review is worth 50% of your grade for this writing workshop; please do your best!

Continue the Conversation Post Instructions

Part 3: By Sunday Night, Continue the Conversation 

In addition to making your own initial post and finishing a peer review for one classmate, you must also continue the conversation by making at least 1 additional post of at least 3 full sentences in length. This post may do any of the following:

Respond (kindly) to one of the peer reviews classmates have given you.

Respond (kindly) to any questions your classmate may have for you about the peer review you completed.

Respond (kindly) to a classmate you did not previously review, with some brief comments about their writing.

Please see some sample Continue the Conversation posts Links to an external site.here.

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