CUNY ENG112 Discussion - Response to Reading #7-8 Latest 2021 January

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ENG112 English Composition II: Writing and Rhetoric

Discussion - Response to Reading #7-8

How are your thoughts changing after completing all the readings and videos for this course? What were some points you learned new or you would want to incorporate into your paper?

Here is a sample:

I really liked these videos and particularly the video showing a good debate between Jason Palanco and Ed Garcia. I think these readings ane videos confirm my ideas about gentrification.  My idea about it is that gentrification has both positive and negative effects on the people. And that the positive effects outweigh the negatives ones. I think gentrification is a great thing and reading #7  shows one the benefit of it. An increase in credit score for people living in gentrified neighborhoods is due to people getting better jobs and end up having economic growth. For reading #8, it shows that the Bronx is being gentrified. The aspects that make us said that is that people are moving in and being part of it. People start investing around the Bronx and contribute to the community, which shows how the Bronx is being gentrified. I believe gentrification in the Bronx is good progress for every aspect, because of that the Bronx will be a good place to live and safe; and a place where people can find a good job. I believe that gentrifying the Bronx will benefit many people even the poor ones.

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