CUNY ENG112 Discussion - Finding and Annotating Evidence Latest 2021 January

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ENG112 English Composition II: Writing and Rhetoric

Discussion - Finding and Annotating Evidence

After conducting research on your own about gentrification in the Bronx, list at least TWO evidence (quotes, statistics, charts, etc.) you could be using for your paper. For each evidence you found , i) copy and paste the evidence; ii) explain how you think each evidence proves your point.

Here is a sample:

Evidence # 1

Hankins, Katherine B. "The final frontier: Charter schools as new community institutions of gentrification." Urban Geography 28.2 (2007): 113-128.

“The neo-liberalization of social service provision has enabled private groups, such as middle-class gentrifies, to transform critical social institutions in gentrifying neighborhoods. One such institution is a charter school, which enables private management of public dollars to provide public education. Through interviews and archival analysis, these new dynamics in the gentrification process are explored by examining the importance of a place-based community that is produced and consumed by gentrifies in an in-town neighborhood.”

In the above article, the author discussed the increase of rich and well-educated people (middle class) in gentrified areas who contribute to the improvement of local public schools. On the other hand, regretted that these schools are funded at the expense of poor and lower-income people who are forced to move out of the gentrified areas.

I will use the above statement to justify my thesis that gentrification has both positive and negative effects on our neighborhood.

Evidence # 2

Atkinson, Rowland. Does gentrification help or harm urban neighborhoods? An assessment of the evidence-base in the context of a new urban agenda. Vol. 5. Glasgow: ESRC Centre for Neighborhood Research, 2002.

“The government is committed to encouraging the revitalization of our towns and cities in a socially just vision of development. However, there are concerns that encouraging a back to the city movement of the middle classes may lead to gentrification or that similar results may” come about if private sector re-investment is encouraged in the most deprived areas through tax relief on conversions and re-use and the decontamination of inner-urban land.”

The evidence from the above-named article will enable me to answer the question ‘Does gentrification help or harm urban neighborhoods?’ The government's effort to encourage the development of our neighborhood is a good intention. However, back to the city movement of the middle classes may lead to gentrification.

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