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ENG112 English Composition II: Writing and Rhetoric

Discussion - Brainstorming

What are your thoughts about gentrification so far? Besides the pros and cons, what are some of the aspects of the controversy interesting to you? Make a list of 3 things that are interesting to you so far then relate it to the readings or videos we have watched together. What are some new aspects you are learning about gentrification? Or what do you think people are missing? Then in 3 minutes or less, try to discuss these verbally. Make a recording of your thoughts through Vocaroo and then paste the link when you hit reply.

Remember that this is brainstorming so just talk aloud what you are thinking. You will not be judged on how eloquently you speak nor how logical your ideas flow. This is just an exercise to speak out what you have in mind. If you prefer to record in a language that is not English which you prefer, that is fine as well.

Here is a video of how you can upload your recording through vocaroo.

Here is a sample recording:


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