CUNY ENG112 Discussion - Evaluating Reasons and Evidence Latest 2021 January

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ENG112 English Composition II: Writing and Rhetoric

Discussion - Evaluating Reasons and Evidence

Please respond to all 4 parts of this assignment. After reading Reading #5, i) copy and paste parts from the article that you could potentially use for your paper. You can screen capture the chart if you want. Then ii) briefly explain how you might use that part in your paper (will it be a reason? evidence?), iii) why it is a strong reason/evidence and iv) how YOU understand them.

Here is a sample:

1)“In fact, 75% of New York’s homeless are families with children, and at least a third of the adults in these families have jobs”(2).

ii)  This part is giving a percentage of the homeless in New York that have jobs and still could not afford a place to live in.

iii) This evidence is strong to me because it gives a specific calculation of a major number of homeless families.

iv) when I read this paragraph of page number 2, I was surprised by the fact that these families are working, some full-time jobs, without warm homes to go back to. This is reflecting the difficulty of rent an apartment in New York, especially after gentrifying most of the city.

2)“S- who left on Schenectady  Avenue in Crown Heights for twenty-three years and raised her 18th-year-old daughter there told me she was recently presented with a new lease in which the rent went from $1,017 to $2,109 per month”(4).

ii) This quote is telling somebody's story with gentrification. It shows how her rental price went up suddenly after she lived with her daughter for twenty-three years in the same apartment.

iii) this small story is proof of the negative impact of gentrification upon long-term residents.

iv) My eyes had opened up more about the oppressed that could target poor people who barely can afford the money to live in the present days. Even after S’s daughter’s full-time job, she couldn't pay the rent and they had to leave because of the gentrifying of the building.

3)“Tenants in at least 250,000 rent-stabilized apartments pay preferential rents, which gives an idea of how many New Yorkers are in immediate danger of losing their homes as a result of drastic increases when their leases come up for renewal”(4).

ii) Gentrification affects tenants by raising taxes on landlords. then the landlords have to raise the rental price.

iii) this shows how landlords took advantage of the renewal leases to raise the rent, while it is perfectly legal.

iv) I understood this quote that many New Yorkers are expected to lose their homes. The rise of the rental prices are twice to triple the old leases agreement, so it is directly intimidating residents to be displaced.

4)“In 2014, a management company purchased the building and set out to get rid of as many rent-stabilized tenants as possible. Over the course of a year, they were able to brush out about a third”(6).

ii) This quote will help me give evidence of the company's carelessness about residents. They buy buildings then cast aside as many tenants as possible by raising rental or other methods.

iii) It is strong evidence because it is documented under 2014 documentaries of companies part of gentrification.

iv) This quote made me realize how companies think of how to maintain their businesses regardless of people’s homes who lived for over a decade in most cases. I saw their intention of purchasing the building that was to gentrify the area, then they remove a third of the old residents.  

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