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ENG112 English Composition II: Writing and Rhetoric

Discussion - Composing an Introduction

Based on the "Fairy Tale Introduction" video, write your own introduction paragraph about gentrification in 4 sentences in GoogleDocs.

1) Go to You will need to sign in with your Google account.

2) Write your introduction paragraph in the Google Doc.

3) When you are finished, click "Share" on the top right and share it with me ([email protected]) and copy the link.

4) Paste your link on this board. The link will look something like this.

You can revise your thesis statement from the previous assignment based on the feedback you received and place it at the end of this paragraph.

1st sentence (Status Quo):

2nd sentence (Destabilizing Condition):

3rd sentence (Consequence):

4th sentence (Thesis statement):

Status Quo

Once upon a time…

“What is this?”

Make your topic or issue at stake clear.

Describe unchanging facts about the topic/problem. State common but incorrect or incomplete assumptions.

• For many years, people have debated about ~

• ~ has been controversial because ~

• ~ has dominated discussions of ~

• Many people think ~

• At first glance, it may seem like ~

Destabilizing Moment


“Why should I read it?”

State something the reader does not know yet.

Describe something that reveals the status quo assumptions to be incomplete or inaccurate. What specific fact or concept helped you to discover the thesis?

• This initial perception fails to take into account ~,

• This theory can’t explain ~

• People have failed to notice, however, ~


So what?

“How does it affect me?”

Show readers why they should care.

Make clear how the issue at stake relates to the reader. State or hint consequences that will follow if your reader does not act as you say. What bad or good things will happen if people continue to believe the status quo? What bigger questions has it helped you answer? What problems has it helped you to understand or solve?

• If we continue to believe~ , we'll never understand the larger question of ~.

• Unless we change ~ , we will continue to have trouble with ~.

• Once we understand ~, we'll begin to see the answer to the problem ~.

• By rethinking our approach to ~, we can fix ~ .



“What am I going to do?”

State your thesis.

Provide a better theory or explanation to replace the status quo. Name something interesting that you've learned about the topic from reading, discussions, and research.

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