CSMT 442 : Cost and Estimating 2

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CSMT 442: Cost and Estimating 2

Homework 4: 20 points answer all questions

1. Using the small commercial building assigned in class (also posted in blackboard), identify the location of the vapor barrier material by describing where it is located in the drawing. State the reason why it is located in the place where you have identified (use structural components around it in your description). Then calculate the area covered bythe vapor barrier. Finally, calculate the amount of vapor barrier material required for this project (8 points)

2. Distinguish damp-proofing and water-proofing with regard to moisture protection in buildings (2 points)

3. a. What is R-value and why is it used in building? (4 points)

B. A building wall is described as R-20 while another wall is R-28.

Which of the two walls has better resistance? Explain your answer. (4 points)

4. Differentiate a drywall from a wet wall giving examples (2 points)

Extra Credit (10 points): Select the correct letter choice from the choices given.

1. Which of the following is a major value of using Building Information Modeling (BIM)?

A. Minimal capital investment

B Implementation by untrained personnel

C. Fewer change orders dues to coordination issues

D. Useful for small renovation projects in particular

2. Which of the following bid documents contains additional or supplemental information to the design documents?

A. Instruction to Bidders B. Addendum C. Alternate D. General Conditions

3. How many 7 yard dump truck loads are needed to remove 350 cubic yards of bank soil assuming the swell factor is 15%?

A. 57 B. 58 C. 59 D. 403

4. In risk management, eliminating a specific threat in a project by removing the cause is called….

a. Risk averse B. Risk avoidance C. Risk mitigation D. Risk transference.

5. Which of the following is a necessary skill of a construction estimator

A. Leadership B. Negotiation C. Plan reading D. Human relations


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