Case Study in Civil Engineering

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Case Study in Civil Engineering:

- Prepare a case study or studies related to civil engineering

-Written report shall be an extended abstract with a maximum of 4 pages (including tables and

figures) with a minimum of 5 references.


-The objective of this project is to provide students with useful information pertaining to past,

present, or future issues in civil engineering.


-The report should be in general terms and provide a broad overview.




Given your assigned engineering failure or disaster, describe it in some detail

and discuss what ethical issues might have been at least partly responsible for

the failure. Prepare a failure analysis report that includes:

• What failed and why it failed.

• Who was at fault and why.

• Possible corrective actions (i.e., how to make it not fail).

If appropriate, describe how a lack of "professionalism" or "ethics" may have

helped lead to the failure.


An abbreviated abstract and a list of references (relevant publications can be

found in ASCE Journals, Engineering Index, Science Citation Index, Google, etc.)


Potential projects include:

• Wind induced bridge failures (Tacoma Narrows Bridge)

• Failures during construction (Injaka Bridge-South Africa; FIU Sweetwater

University City Pedestrian Bridge-Florida)

• Fatigue and fracture failures (Silver Bridge-WV, Mianus River Bridge-CT)

• Support settlement (differential bridge settlement at bridge approaches)

• Bridge failures due to scour (Schoharie Creek Bridge-NY)

• Bridge failures due to connection issues (Mississippi River Bridge-MN)

• Bridge failures due to other issues (Genoa Bridge-Italy)

Other failures can be found at the following site:

*ASCE Author Guide:

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