Discussion 2&3 - Nutrition & Energy Drinks

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Discussion 2 - Nutrition

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https://youtu.be/VJEpCjD14hw this is the youtube link

After watching the video below, post a response to the following question:

"Genetically Modified Foods," GMO, have become a controversial topic over the last decade or so, due to health, legal and cultural ideologies. They have both advocates and proponents on both sides of the issue. Please do some research and come to your own conclusions, then answer the question...Where do you stand? 

In addition to your response, give a thoughtful response to two of your classmate's answers. (3 Total)

Be sure your initial post includes at least 200 words, proper grammar/punctuation, and references. 

Be sure your replies attempt to further the progression of the conversation, include at least 100 words, are written with proper grammar/punctuation, and include references. 


Discussion 3 - Energy Drinks

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Post a response to the following prompt:

After completing the Nutrition Lesson, you probably have a good understanding of how fats and excess carbohydrates can contribute to higher fat deposits and a higher BMI. But what about beverages, specifically, so-called "Energy Drinks"? Please do some online research into "Energy Drinks" and post your thoughts and feelings regarding their impact on the health of our society. Do you think they are acceptable, maybe in moderation, maybe as a supplement to water, or maybe not at all?

In addition to your response, give a thoughtful response to two of your classmates' answers. (3 Total)

BMI Calculator Lab


Directions: Please open the following link and enter in your personal data, accounting for male / female & US / Metric  http://www.bmivisualizer.com/ (Links to an external site.)  Then answer the following questions in complete sentence / summary form.

1. What is your BMI Number?

2. Where did you fall on the BMI Scale?

3. Where you surprised by your result?

4. How might you change your score, three months from now?

5. Do you believe your rating on the scale to be accurate? Why or why not?

6. Why is BMI used?

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