Populations Discussion - The Office of Minority Health provides

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Populations Discussion

The Office of Minority Health provides information on disparities and population profiles for the following groups on their website:

  • African American 
  • American Indian/Alaska Native 
  • Asian American 
  • Hispanic/Latino 
  • Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

You are to review the information listed on their website and identify the health disparities that are faced by that specific community. Understanding the disparity is one issue, but figuring our a practical solution to reduce the disparities is the greater work of Public Health Practitioners. 

You may use other reliable websites and resources to complete this assignment. Once you have clearly identified the disparities, you need to indicate what has already been done at the local, state or federal level to address the issues. As a future PH Professional, provide your insight on why what has already been done, either has or has not made a positive and lasting corrective impact. Lastly, what would you do differently?  You may include other disparities found outside of those directly related to health to complete this task. For example, incarceration rates for African Americans or other Persons of Color. Why is there a difference? What must be done to bring some equity to the issues? 

- it must be at least one page no larger than 14pt font and no less than 4 paragraphs. 

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