GRON575 - How does the changing demographic profile

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1. How does the changing demographic profile of older adults over the past decades lend itself to the need for changes in social policies?

2. How do the changes in demographics for minorities suggest a need for policy changes to address the needs of ethnic, racial, and gender minorities when shaping social policies and programs?

3. Given the demographic trends to date, what social policy arenas do you think will need to be addressed over the next decade at the federal and state levels?

4. How do these demographic changes play a role in the professional development and training in your discipline and the professional disciplines of others?

5. Consider a current policy that is moving through the legislature (either at a local state, or federal level), and identify what philosophical paradigms are at play within the congressional testimony or presenting arguments.

6. Consider a policy at either your local/regional level or at the federal level that interest you ( ABORTIONS) What implementation strategies have been implicit within the policy as you track it from its first appearance as a public law and at the current time?

7. Identify a social policy of interest and analyze it through the framework presented. (EXAMPLE, (Social problem issues/affected population) (Policy or legislation/intended impact) (Implementation of aging-related programs and services/Actual impact)

8. If you want to identify the need for a specific policy in your community, how would you go about identifying the need, and what data sources could you utilized to document the population and need from resources identified (Examples of resources:) Evidence-Based Approach, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Local Disability Data for Planners, Congress, Library of Congress)

9. How can you use Healthy people 2020 benchmarks to build a baseline and goals for specific policy and program initiatives you want to address in your community/or state?

10. What uses can the Government Accountability Office (GPO) documents be for building advice on specific programs or policy issues that you would like to draw attention to either within your community/state or at a federal level?

11. How can you and your colleagues or classmates build a needs assessment intervention strategy that would address specific policy/program needs using the secondary data sources outlined in this chapter? (Examples: Evidence-Based Approach, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Local Disability Data for Planners, Congress, Library of Congress)

12. Consider the data sources in this chapter and Identify how you can use some specific aspects of quantitative data to go along with anecdotal data or case-specific examples in efforts to address a specific aging/disability-related gap that exists.

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