Research and reflect - Research the structure, function

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Research and reflect

1. RESEARCH the structure, function, and purpose of Preservatives and its impact on the foods they are found, the microbes they inhibit, and the substances we ingest from them

? Research the Science of Preservatives (See Resources below), you may also use other resources

? Structure ? Function ? Purpose

? How do preservatives work in… ? Maintaining the Quality of Food

? Longevity ? Appearance

? Regulating microbial growth ? The body once

? Ingested ? Absorbed ? Stored ? Eliminated

? What do you understand about what microbial needs and their diets? ? What are some other (natural) ways in controlling microbial growth on the produce you

purchase and bring home? ? How much control do we have over the regulations placed upon our foods? Are these

policies and procedures put in place for the betterment or detriment? ? Any information that "wowed" you?


? How do you feel about the processed, packaged & preserved foods you eat now? Are they compatible with your cellular growth, maintenance and repair?

? How do these preservatives impact our microbiome? a. ? How do you feel about the governmental agencies, policies and procedures that

have been put in place regarding the preservatives allowed to be added in the foods that are sold to us? Who's to blame?

? What can be done regarding the sociological factors surrounding the mindset of us thinking we so call "waste" too much food? What "foods" are they referring to?

? What natural practices do you implement in regulating the longevity, quality and appeal of your plant-specific foods?

? How do you feel about your replies to your peers' pre-posts now that you have a scientific understanding of the impact of preservatives on microbes and us?


References included.


Articles ? ?

20preservatives%20include%20free%20radical%20scavengers%20%28also%20known,a cid%2C%20sulfur%20dioxide%2C%20and%20sodium%20nitrite%20%28NaNO%202% 29.

? How Microbes Eat ? ? ?

? How Cells Eat ?

Answer all questions (Research and Reflect questions on different pages),acid%2C%20sulfur%20dioxide%2C%20and%20sodium%20nitrite%20%28NaNO%202%29.,acid%2C%20sulfur%20dioxide%2C%20and%20sodium%20nitrite%20%28NaNO%202%29.,acid%2C%20sulfur%20dioxide%2C%20and%20sodium%20nitrite%20%28NaNO%202%29.,acid%2C%20sulfur%20dioxide%2C%20and%20sodium%20nitrite%20%28NaNO%202%29.

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