Warehouse - Inbound / outbound (trucks/loading docks)

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Inbound / outbound (trucks/loading docks) calcs

  • Resource calculations
  • Layouts of the warehouse (racking etc)
  • Costings
  • Reports and presentations!
  • Ok so , the toolboxes are being manufactured and the warehouse planning has to be done until the 2026 volume that is given... so you don't have to work on 2022, 2023 , 2024, 2025 data given...
    For the bought in finished goods, you need to work on the sales data that is given on the excel sheet for year 2021 and the calculations have to be made for 2026 using a CAGR method that is at 5.11% per year starting from 2022-2026.
    For both of these only data for 2026 has to be used to design the warehouse. because you're planning the warehouse until 2026.7 hours agoToolboxes for 2026 - is 6.1 million pcs and given the breakdown of their sizes wise , color wise... so your warehouse planning and volume, should only be considered for the 2026 data.
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