Creative briefs are important documents for providing direction

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Creative briefs are important documents for providing direction on the creative elements that will be used to market a product or service.  Those elements include advertising, point of sale promotions, packaging, digital platforms (e.g. web sites, social media sites) and marketing partnerships.  A creative brief communicates the tone, style, positioning and key messaging for all creative that will be developed to connect with the target market for the product or service. For this assignment, you'll create a one page creative brief to provide creative direction for your assigned product.  That creative brief should include all the elements mentioned above (tone, style, positioning...) as well as a definition of your target market and the challenges the product will face in the marketplace.

Assignment Requirements

To explore the creative side of marketing, you will produce a short (1-2 page) creative brief.  The brief you write will provide creative direction for a specific product (which will be assigned), and should include:

  • Background
  • Key Message
  • Target Audience Definition
  • Competitive Overview
  • Tone and Style of Creative Work
  • Positioning (what consumers should think when they see creative work for the product)
  • Image Representing Creative Tone of Work
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