Part 1,2,3 - Marketing Sales Strategies

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Marketing Sales Strategies

Part 1: Identify a Problem – Case Study on WORD Document 2-3 pages:

Pick a company that has a problem with sales. Create a case study using the following format:

· Introduce the problem

How did the problem begin? Where did the problem surface? Who is being affected by the problem?

· Break down the problem

What specific examples can you provide related to the problem and its effects on the company?

· Explain what is causing the problem

· Break down issues related to the causes.

Create a fishbone diagram showing the causes of the problem (include a visual of the fishbone diagram):

Part 2 – Explain solutions to the problem on POWERPOINT 7-10 slides

For this part of this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation explaining your proposed solutions to the problem. Use the following format for your presentation

· Introduce the background of the problem

· Describe and breakdown the solutions to the problem.

· Provide research that supports your solutions to the problem

Some parts of the presentation might include:

· Needs Assessment: What do they need to help the organization solve their problem? I am open to see any logistics, marketing leadership, management, statistics, ethical standards, and technological needs.

· Scope and limitations: What is the scope of the project? What are the limitations?

· Implementation Plan and Timeline: How will you implement the proposed solution to your problem? Clearly described step by step actions. Who will be in charge? What will happen? When will each of the proposed actions happen?

Part 3 – Budget needed to solve the problem on EXCEL.

For this part of the assignment, you will create a budget that the company will need to solve the problem. You are proposing the budget so please include all parts of the problem that need resolution and what pieces you will need for the solutions (along with estimated costs). You will also need at least 5 references (in APA format) showing where the data comes from. This must be accurate data (not made-up data):

· Show a bar chart or pie chart (or similar type of visual for the spreadsheet)

· Budget Table: You are given $100K to budget for your project.

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