Week 7 Discussions - Look for popular press articles that discuss

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Week 7 -Discussions

Part 1:

 Look for popular press articles that discuss either marketing research and/or customer satisfaction.  In your post, summarize the article and then discuss which principle(s) of marketing are illustrated by it.  Please include a link to the article. (For reference see below BestBuy article-take it reference how others are writing)

Part 2:

Please give 4-5 lines comments for the below article

Article 1:Best Buy has recently decided to pilot a virtual customer service via a virtual Best Buy store. This pilot resides in a warehouse located near Best Buy’s headquarters. Best Buy has filled the warehouse with a multitude of products and employees who are prepared to answer any product questions and assist in recommending products to customers. Due to this virtual pilot store, customer service ratings for Best Buy have already soared a whopping 20%. This virtual store was undoubtedly a strategic move in the right direction for Best Buy since after the pandemic their virtual sales have reached nearly 5 times the rate they were previously. 

Creating a virtual store with customer service was very smart for Best Buy because it allows the place of the products and services that Best Buy offers to be virtual as opposed to in store only. This is a smart move for Best Buy because while many individuals likely prefer the on site assistance and recommendations from Best Buy employees, after the pandemic many consumers will opt for a more convenient virtual shopping experience. 

This article clearly shares the place and products that are being offered. Additionally, Best Buy has staged virtual showcases within their physical stores to show how the virtual customer service works. This new virtual customer service is benefitting both the customer and the company as well.


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