Writen Assignment - Psychographic Market Segmentation

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Writen Assignment - Psychographic Market Segmentation

Media messages foster stereotypes, ideals of a culture, when they reflect and reinforce cultural values. They often contain combinations of gender, age, social class, and ethnic values. Watch one hour of television or online streaming (Youtube, etc.). Observe and take notes about the commercials that are shown over this hour.

The writeup must include the following while watching each commercial and address:

Introduction: you must say which television show you watched (e.g. "NCIS" on live TV, channel 2, Tuesday, [date]), and list the commercials you saw, in chronological order. 

Main content: Pick only three commercials from that list to analyze for your paper. If you watched a show on the Internet, you must again say the name of the show and include the URL for it. You will also need to cover the following questions for you main content.

What message(s) (stereotypes, cultural values, etc.) does each commercial seem to convey. Explain examples.

Do you feel any of these commercials use psychological tricks in their advertising? Explain.

Do you believe any of these commercials could potentially influence consumer buying behavior? Explain.

Do you believe any of these commercials help shape a brand image that is etched in consumers’ minds? Explain.

Conclusion: a summary of your research and further insights



Paper length is 5 page minimum, excluding title page, executive summary, reference list, and any appendices. 

Follow APA 7th formatting.

A minimum of three peer-reviewed sources

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