Marketing Research - A Coffee Shop (family-owned)

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Marketing Research

A Coffee Shop (family-owned) with many years in the market and many clients want to offer vegan products to extend its menu and bring more clients.

1. Explain marketing issues, management dilemmas, and research questions.

2. Research design How would you design your research? Research type, purpose, time frame, scope, and environment.

This marketing research uses secondary data by obtaining it from sources like the General Social Survey, The United States Census, and the American Community Survey. You can also add more information from other reliable sources if preferred. The Coffe shop hands a survey to some clients who are willing to help answer some questions like

· How likely are you to come back?

· Are you vegan?

· Do you know anyone vegan?

· Have you considered being vegan?

· Would you try a vegan product?

· Have you eaten any vegan food?

· Do you think a vegan product is healthier?

· Would you like us to provide samples of vegan products?

· If we introduce a vegan product, would you buy it?

(Make up the results of the surveys, 385 people surveyed total.)

3. Analyze the collected data, and discuss the technique and tools you used to analyze the data.

4. Research Findings, Summarize the finding of your research. Draw marketing implications

5. Conclusion and what do you recommend to the company based on your research study?

Paper should include:

· Title page

· Table of contents

· Executive summary

· Introduction

· Point 1 and point 2

· Data analysis and interpretation Point 3

· Research findings and marketing implications Point 4

· Conclusions and recommendations Point 5

· References

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