Principles Of Marketing - Chapter 15 &16

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Principles Of Marketing Questions

Chapter 15 Review Questions

1. What are the steps in the pricing framework?
2. In addition to profit-oriented objectives, what other types of pricing objectives do firms utilize?

Chapter 16 Review Questions

1. Who is involved in the creation of a marketing plan?
2. In addition to marketing analysts, what other members of an organization help create marketing plans?


Chapter 15 Activity # 2

2. Go to a fast-food restaurant for lunch. Figure out how much the price of a bundled meal is versus
buying the items separately. Then decide if you think many consumers add a soda or fries because
they feel like they’re getting a deal.

Chapter 16 Activity # 1

1. Pick a product with which you are very familiar and create a simple marketing plan for it. Focus on
one market segment.

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